Friday, May 05, 2017

Koreshan State Historical Site–Estero, Florida

It was an interesting trip getting here, but we made it.  This is a nice spot that I found while browsing the Florida State Parks website.  What caught my eye was the photos of the Koreshan Unity Settlement.

We arrived in one piece!

BlowoutFirst a little about our trip down.  While driving south on Route 31, in the middle of nowhere, we had a blowout on our popup.  I realized what it was as soon as it happened, and was able to pull off to the side of the road.  There was such a minor change in the feel of towing that I can really see the value of a Tire Pressure Monitoring System for a bigger trailer.  I wasn’t too worried about being stuck – I had a good spare.  What I found out, though, is that I didn’t have a lug wrench that fits the camper.  What should have been a 10 minute tire change turned into a 3 hour wait on AAA.  As an added bonus, we got to go tire shopping the next day;  Since no one seems to carry this size tire, we ended up buying a whole new set (luckily they’re not too expensive).

When we finally arrived at the campsite, setup was yet another adventure.  The sites are all sand, and when I was taking the popup off the hitch, it popped off and the front post slid off the wood support and sank six inches deep into the soft sand.

Luckily a small popup like this is easy to lift

We managed to get everything set up without any further surprises, and learned a few things in the process.  Since we still had a few hours before dinner time, we road out bikes around the site and took a few photos…

Riding around the park

I haven’t heard anyone talk about this spot, and it is really nice.  It also is close to a lot of other things to do.  The way the sites are set up with plenty of plants growing between them, the privacy is good.  There is a boat launch at the park that is suitable for most small to average size boats, and manatees can be seen on the river. 

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Quick Stats

Shower / Bathhouse
Internet Access
Lat, Long

$31 per night
Yes (Reserve America)
15/30/50 Amp Service
Excellent 4G LTE w/T-Mobile
26.432587, -81.815409

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