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Tina and I love travel, seeing nature, and soaking up history.  There are so many great places to see in this country that we're planning to retire early so we can spend a few years doing just that.  This blog is all about the things we like to do, and the investment strategies that I use so we can do 'em.

Hiking: We go out hiking, weather permitting, about once a week and usually get some fantastic pictures along the way.  I use an app called Trimble Outdoors to map our journeys through the wilderness - it does some pretty amazing things like allowing you to download maps ahead of time in case you find yourself in an area without cell phone reception (no cell phone coverage means no live maps).  I think my favorite feature is the ability to save photos, movies, and audio as way points along the hike.

Take a look at trips that we've made by clicking on the "Trip Details" link at the bottom of the map.  It will take you to the details of the hike and show a description, all of the photos, distance traveled, and a bunch more.  It's a great way to share the adventure, and might give you some ideas for your own hiking adventures!

Paddling:  There are almost as many water trails in Florida as there are hiking trails.  I use the same app to map my kayak trips, and I usually get some good photos as well.   

Camping:  Our first camper is a small pop up.  We selected this one because it was the perfect size for just the two of us and would give us the flexibility of expanding our weekend destinations for hiking and other stuff.  Two nice features of this camper is that it only takes about five minutes to set up or take down (that's faster than most tents), and it fits easily into our garage.  This tab will include descriptions of campgrounds that we stay at, and anything else that might fit this subject.

Travel:  In this section I'll be sharing the information about our journeys.  A friend of mine pointed out that Florida is a travel destination for people in the other 49 states, so I'm starting this section with some local attractions. 

Bucket List: This is where I document my plans for future trips... There is so much to do and see across this country that I wanted to write down some must see places for each state so we can target the best places along the way.  If you have a recommendation that you don't see in a particular state bucket list, please respond to the post for that state with the info.  I'm always on the lookout for those "must see" historical sites, landmarks, events, natural wonders, or anything else of interest.

Gear:  Every now and then I run across some cool stuff that is related to the subjects of this blog.  In this section I'll be sharing reviews and related information.


Anonymous said...

Hello. I enjoy your site but notice the posts stopped in 2018. Hope you are well.

Andy said...

Better now - I'll be starting to add more content in a couple months - expanding to more than just Florida though.