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Camping at Pine Springs Campground

“Campsite” at Pine Springs Campground

This campground is really just a paved area in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  I picked the spot because it was pretty close to Carlsbad Caverns.  After visiting the area, I think I would have been better off boondocking at one of the many nearby boondocking areas. 

Cloudy mountainThe view here is nice, and if I had an extra day for the trip, I would have liked to hike to Devil’s Hall, but my full day was already planned out with  a visit to the caverns.  I did take a short hike through an old riverbed down to the remains of the old Pinery Station.

I learned something about my camper on this trip though… I learned, on the first night, that a single battery is not enough to run the heater and the refrigerator overnight, even though I ran nothing else.  Once the sun came up, the single battery charged fully and the solar panel kept everything running during the day.  On the second night, I didn’t use the heater at all, and the battery  still didn’t make it through the night.  I am glad I learned that before I got to the Grand Canyon as it did influence how I used my generator when I was in the middle of  Kaibab National Forest.

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