Saturday, September 02, 2017

South Carolina State Museum–Columbia, SC

Originally a textile mill that opened in 1894 and was finally closed in 1981.  The building was converted to a museum which opened in 1988.  The original brickwork and wooden floors can still be seen, and a section of the museum is dedicated to some of the textile operations that used to be done here.

Train-Friend of Charlotte-4
Full size replica of “The Friend of Charlotte”

There are tons of exhibits across four floors of the museum (some of the photos are below), but it is also very close to two other sites that were on our “must see” list. The first site is “Big Ed”, and the second is the worlds largest fire hydrant. 

Big Ed-2
Big Ed
World's largest fire hydrant-4
World’s Largest Fire Hydrant

Big Ed is a statue in the middle of a kid’s museum across the parking lot from the state museum.  The front desk let us come in to take a picture without charging the entrance fee, since that was the only thing we were there to see.  They were pretty cool about it.

The worlds largest fire hydrant is a little less than a mile away.  It’s in the middle of a private parking area that is clearly marked with warnings that you will be towed.  Since we were just here for a couple of photos, that wasn’t an issue though.

Tunnel Mural-3
Tunnel Mural

Also next to the fire hydrant is a mural that is kind of interesting… it’s a picture of a tunnel that is realistic enough that birds have been known to fly into it.  I don’t believe they were as successful as the Road Runner though.

Museum Photos

Two mediums
Two Mediums
Big Shark being cleaned
Cleaning a Big Shark
Unfinished dugout
Unfinished Prehistoric Dugout
Inside a kaleidoscope
Inside a Kaleidoscope
Dino turtle-9
Dino Turtle
Multi floor view
Two floor displays

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