Saturday, April 29, 2017

Touring the Edison & Ford Winter Estates

Found on the south bank of the Caloosahatchee River in Fort Meyers, the estates can be toured with a simple interpretive tour, an audio tour, or a guided tour.  We opted for the guided tour, but the audio tour is nice too since it allows you to move around at your own pace.  Admission to the estates also includes the museum and laboratory.

Lab office-2 
Edison’s Laboratory Office

One thing that is really notable about the estates is the number and variety of plants.  Much of the study done on the site was looking for alternative sources for rubber, as well as material to use for filaments.  Both of these searches were focused on agricultural solutions.

That's one Banyon Tree-2
This is a single Banyon Tree
Fig tree
Fig Tree by the River

The estates themselves were nice too…

Edison home
Edison Home
Edison bedroom

But the most interesting areas were the laboratories and the museum

Lab – Left Side
Lab – Right Side
Lab Model Full
Scale Model of Lab (very cool!)
Model T-2
Model T

One final bit of trivia – Did you know that the Model T cam in any color that the customer wanted, as long as they wanted “black”?  It’s true!  Actually, the original model T did come in other colors but as part of the assembly line process, the other colors were eliminated.

More photos are available in the Gallery

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