Sunday, January 01, 2017

Biking the Cross Seminole Trail North from Oviedo

The trailhead for this section of the trail is in Oviedo just north of the intersection of N. Central and E. Broadway.  There is plenty of parking at the strip mall across the street.

Baseball Statue
Statue in the middle of Central Winds Park

Rest stop at 417This section of the Cross Seminole Trail is shaded for the majority of the ride.  The first point of interest along the way is a rest stop on the west side of 417, about a mile and a half from the trailhead in Oviedo.  The information signage talks about our sister county in Ireland… it’s interesting to read how this county relationship works to open opportunities across the pond.  Also at this rest stop is a drinking fountain and a few benches – good spot to fill up if the water bottle is getting low.Covered bridge

A little further along there is a branch in the trail that leads to the trailhead off 434.  Keep to the left here and continue for another mile and the trail crosses the Howell Creek Trestle.  This is a nice spot for a quick break and a few photos. 

Gee Creek BridgeAbout a mile past the trestle, the trail crosses over 434 and then passes Winter Springs Town Center before leaving the cover of the trees.  I passed by Central Winds Park and noticed an interesting statue out in the middle of the ball fields.  I just had to walk out and grab the picture at the top of this post.

After the park, there is one last bridge to cross before coming to the end of this section of the trail.  Gee Creek Bridge is a stone’s throw from Layer Elementary where the trail breaks for about half a mile (as the crow flies).  This is where I ended the trip for this day.

More photos are available in my Rails to Trails gallery

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