Wednesday, October 15, 2014

N.E.O.S. Overshoe Product Review

I’ve been meaning to share this for awhile now, and after using them again I decided to finally just sit down and write this. 
If you’ve ever been hiking and come up on an unexpected wet spot that you need to cross, you only have a few choices.  Either wade through and get your shoes and socks wet, take off your shoes and socks and roll up your pants for a quick wade, or turn back the way you came.  Well, actually there is one other choice – put a pair of overshoes in your backpack/daypack.
NEOS_OvershoeAfter doing some searching, I found these on Amazon, and I’m really glad that I picked ‘em up.   As the name suggests these are worn over your shoes.  They have a “regular” rubber sole like a pair of hiking boots, and a nylon upper that reaches to just below my knee.  The upper portion is basically a bag that has no seams to leak.  It also has an adjustable strap at the top of the foot and Velcro with a drawstring at the top.
Putting the shoes on is very easy – just open it up and slide your foot in.  After that, pull the wraparound into place, clip the adjustable strap and pull the drawstring and you’re all set.
One thing that is really nice about these (aside from the fact that they work really well) is that they pack up very small; they easily fit into my camelbak.  I also carry a small garbage bag to put them in after I use them so I don’t get my pack wet.
When I bought them, I was concerned about getting the right size.  The Overshoes website has a great sizing chart – all I needed was a ruler and my hiking shoes, and that was it!  If you’re looking for something to keep your feet dry when you need to cross water, these are a great rugged and lightweight choice.

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