Sunday, June 01, 2014

Geocaching Econ River Wilderness Area

Tom and I explored this area a couple of months ago, so this time I brought Tina.  We only had a couple of hours before the afternoon rain started, so we decided to look for a geocache in this area. 

The weather stayed dry while we were out, but humidity was pretty high.  making it feel hotter than it really was… It was like Africa Hot.  That's all part of the joy of living in Florida!
Trail EntranceOur trip started out at the entrance, of course.  This area doesn't have a fee for parking, so all you need to do is park and get going... just past the entrance we came upon a little pond full of water lilies in bloom.  From there we just enjoyed the day as we hiked our way toward the river. 

The trails here are very well marked, and well maintained; a very easy walk for pretty much anyone.  I think one could probably even push a baby stroller through here if they were so inclined.

Tina by the riverOnce we got to the river, we took a few pictures.  There are several cypress trees and a forest of cypress knees that you really have to see to believe.  There is also an old gnarly cypress tree in the river that has some amazing patterns in the trunk.

After the river, we started heading back and looking for the geocache.  I've only searched for geocaches a few times, and usually Tina finds them before I do.  This time I found it first!  It wasn’t difficult – if you want to try, here is a link to the cache details

This is another great area to visit.  The red blazed trail is only about 3 miles round trip, so it only takes an hour or so to complete. The .kml file is available from the “Trip Details” link just below the map.
Andy by the river
Cypress Knees
Gnarly Cypress Tree
Water Lillies
Andy GeoCache 1
Andy Geocache 2

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