Friday, May 23, 2014

Hiking along the Econlockhatchee River from Snow Hill Rd

Today was a hot one, so I'm glad I got an early(ish) start.  I hiked this trail back in December, but I didn't go all the way out to the end so I've been wanting to come back.  While the temperature did get up to the mid 90's, there was a nice breeze blowing along the river that kept it from getting uncomfortable.

The trip started with wildflowers on both sides of the path after  coming out of the woods.  The buzzing of bumblebees made for a very pastoral view.  The trail is traveled enough that it is easy to follow, but the blazes are few and far between after leaving the old rail road train bridge behind. After about 4 miles out, I don't think I saw any blazes at all.
 Wildflowers on the trail
Joe the gator again There was a lot of wildlife out today.  I saw several alligators, and got pictures of all but two of them.  One of the two I never saw, but I did hear him.  He was doing that low rumbling mating call that can't be mistaken for anything else once you've heard it.  I also startled a deer along the way.  She hopped about 20 feet or so and then froze in place.  The brush was too thick to get a picture, but I could still see her.

There were a lot of birds out too - a couple of great blue herons, a bald eagle flying over the river, a turkey vulture, and some smaller water fowl.  Several turtles were also out sunning themselves on logs to round everything out.
Allex Alligator Blue Heron Garry Gator
Turtles on Log Plate Sized Mushroom Big Turtle
Joe The Alligator
Joe the Gator

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