Sunday, January 01, 2017

Biking Seminole Trail to Cady Way Trail

I didn’t exactly start at the trailhead… I was out and about and decided to visit this trail on a whim.

Lucas Nursery has a rooster keeping watch over the trail

I started out heading up to Oviedo on the Park, and just happened to hit it on the annual “Oviedo in the Park” festival.  There were tons of booths set up, and a lot of good food being sold.  Unfortunately I had lunch just before heading out, so I missed out on all the good eats.

Oviedo in the Park-1Oviedo in the Park-3

Nice truckAfter I got past the crowds, I headed up to downtown Oviedo where I was going to pick up the Cross Seminole Trail.  Along the way, I saw a pretty interesting car parked next to an auto repair store.  They almost always have a collector car of some sort parked there.

Bench by the trail-2I picked up the trail at the intersection of S. Lake Jessup Ave and Clark St. where I simply headed south.   The only part of this trail that I don’t like is where it crosses 426.  There is no crosswalk, and really no indication that the trail even continues on the other side of the road; if you don’t know that it’s there, it looks like the trail simply ends.

Abandonded HouseOne spot that I wanted to stop at along the way was an old abandoned house that had a historical marker in front of it.  It turns out that the house and the historical marker have very little to do with each other.  It’s just an empty building, while the marker describes the founding of Jamestown.

A little further along the trail crosses a bridge with a pavilion next to it.  There are some shaded picnic tables there, a water fountain, and a bike repair station.  The Cady Way trail starts on the other side of Howell Branch Rd. about 2 past this pavilion/bridge.

More photos are available in my Rails to Trails gallery

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