Friday, December 30, 2016

Magnolia Park–Apopka, Florida

Magnolia Park is one of five campgrounds run by Orange County.  We stayed here for a couple of nights after Christmas and it is really a nice park with several peacocks walking about.

Several peacocks live in this park

Heron at duskThe main attraction for this park is Lake Apopka and the Lake Apopka Loop Trail.  Lake Apopka is a huge lake, but it is also very shallow so if the weather is calm the surface is like glass.  This makes it a great place to view the sunset.

Magnolia Park isn’t a big park, but it is pretty central to just about everything in Orlando so it’s a great place to stay for a couple nights or a couple weeks.  The staff was great, and even though we only stayed for a couple nights, we had a great time here.

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Andy with bikes-1
Biking the Lake Apopka Loop Trail

Shower / Bathhouse
Internet Access
Lat, Long

$23 per night
Yes (Call)
15/30/50 Amp Service
Very strong 4G LTE
28.63547, -81.54864

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Thanks for interesting share! I am really curious about what is it like to live in Florida.