Sunday, February 22, 2015

Orlando Wetlands Festival

With all of the rain over the past couple of weeks, the trails are all pretty wet so we did something a little different this weekend.  One of our neighbors works for the city and organizes an annual event called the Orlando Wetlands Festival.  There were booths set up from the SJWMD, Florida Trail Association, Audubon Society, and a bunch more.  It was a great opportunity to learn all about the natural environments and wildlife in the area.  Tina took several photos of the festival that are available on our Panaramio page.

We took one of the free bus rides up to Orlando Wetlands Park to take some photos.  Tina is pretty good at catching good shots with her new camera, but (as you can see by the photo names) we need to brush up on our bird and plant recognition skills.

SnakeheadYellow flower
Blue water birdBird hunting
Gator in waterGator eyes closedGator watching
Bird hiding in grassBird walking on plants
Blackbird in flightIridescent
CraneMutant head crane
Snakehead drying outBird tongue
Shallow wetlands Bird flying low Bird on cypress
Flock of swamp hens Lake view Swamp hen
Panorama from lookoutView from lookout
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