Friday, April 15, 2022

Touring the Alamo and San Antonio Riverwalk

Alamo Church-2
The Alamo Church

Tours of the Alamo didn’t start until nine, so I arrived a little later in the morning.  It seems strange to see this historical site in the heart of the city, and the contrast that it offers really shows just how important a part the battle at the Alamo had to our history. 

The church and barracks are the main buildings to see, but all over the site there are other things to see.  The courtyards have the old well, as well as statues and descriptions of some of the people who fought during the famous battle.  There are also cannons or cannon replicas around the site, and an interesting series of dioramas depicting what the site looked like over several decades. Another area that I like is the encampment where people were providing demonstrations and lectures to describe some of the equipment and generally what life was like at the Alamo back in the day.

Alamo - Four Pound Cannon
Four Pound Cannon
Alamo 3-D Map
Fort Diorama
Alamo Well
Alamo Barracks
Memorial Statue
Art Piece
Art Piece in Median

After soaking up some history around the Alamo, I went for lunch and a walk along the San Antonio Riverwalk. This portion of the Riverwalk is just across the street from the Alamo, and there are a bunch of restaurants to choose from.  I ended up having fish and chips at Mad Dogs British Pub -  excellent lunch!

I only walked a small portion of the Riverwalk; I wish I had my bike with me to ride the whole 15 miles.  That’s something I’ll have to remember the next time I’m in town.

River Walk-1
Riverwalk Heading South
River Walk-2
Riverwalk Heading North
Stell's Mural
Stell’s Mural
Stell's Mural Info
Stell’s Mural Description

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