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Hiking the Hoodoos Trail-Big Bend Ranch SP

Hoodoos and boulders
Hoodoos and Boulders

Hoodoos Trailhead

This is an loop trail that is just over a mile long.  The trailhead is at the main road and goes down through the Hoodoos and along the Rio Grande.  The trail is well marked, but there are a couple of areas where I had to watch my footing due to loose rocks, but other than that, this is an easy hike.

Starting at the trailhead, the view of the Hoodoos with the mountains of Mexico in the background is a sight to see.  On a clear day like this one, the scale of everything seems to get lost – the mountains seem like they’re just hills that are just a short walk away.

Big panorama
Hoodoos Trail Panorama

Small rock bridgeI started this hike by heading southwest to look around the hoodoos first, and then headed to the Rio Grande River to the south.  The trail in this direction isn’t always easy to see, but the ground is pretty wide-open so there wasn’t a concern about finding it again.

Trail BlazeThere is a small creek that feeds the river on this side – it’s too small to show up on a map, so I don’t know if it even has a name.

    Following the River to the southeast, the trail goes alongside some river plants.  In addition to the sign-type trail markers along the way, there are also some more traditional cairn-type blazes. 

Overlooking the Rio GrandeThe trail eventually turns back to the northwest where a hill took me to an overlook of the area.  From here there is a nice view of the river looking towards the southeast where it can be seen winding its way between the mountains on either side of the international border.

This is an easy hike to do, and the views are beautiful.


Creek feeding the river
Creek Feeding Rio Grande
Desert Flower
Desert Flower
Looking down to Hoodoos
Looking Down on Hoodoos
Trail direction sign
Trail Direction Sign
  Lost Teddy Bear
Lost Teddy Bear


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