Monday, December 04, 2017

Biking Buck Lake Conservation Area

Creek crossing trail south
Creek Crossing the Road

I’ve been hiking in this area before, but the roads and trails cover so much area that I wanted to bring a bicycle to try to cover more ground.  The area is right on the edge of the St. Johns River floodplain, so with the water levels still high, there are some wet spots that slowed me down a little bit.

Handpump at campsite
Water pump at campsite
Old Bike
Old bicycle near trailhead
Wild flowers

This trip heads up to the campsite and back, but not too much further.  The loop road is crossed with a stream on the northern and southern sides, and I was pretty sure I would only make it about half way across before getting stuck.  I’ll have to come back out when the water levels are a little lower, but for now I did put together a brief video tour.

Biking through Buck Lake Conservation Area

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