Thursday, August 24, 2017

Cycling through Dreher Island State Park

We spent a week at this park, and this was my morning bike ride during our stay.  It’s only about a six mile ride, but there are enough hills to make this a pretty good workout.

Lake view
Lake Murray in the Morning

The ride starts at our cabin, and then turns to the south to go through what I think is the nicest of the camping areas.  The sites at the southern end of the park have some of the nicest views of the lake, as well as easy access for fishing or swimming right from the campsite.

This ride also goes through the other camping areas, picnic areas, and by the camp store, so the video gives a pretty good view of the whole park.

Cycling through Dreher Island State Park

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Shallow cove
Shallow Cove at Dreher Island SP


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