Sunday, February 05, 2017

Biking the Little Econ Greenway

This trail is my new favorite local spot for biking.  It’s an eight mile trip out and back, and follows the Little Econ River almost all of the way.

Iron Bridge
Iron Footbridge Across the River

There are a bunch of places along the trail to park, but I wanted to start at one end of the trail for an out and back ride, so I parked at a Walgreens on the eastern side began my ride at the trailhead near there.Trailhead Map

At the beginning of the trail is a small pavilion with a water fountain (bonus – it includes a doggy water fountain as well) with a map of the trail.  The first portion of the trail passes over a couple of bridges and alongside a school before crossing Rouse Road. After Rouse Road, the trail enters Jay Blanchard Park.

Fishing bridgeThe park is where the trail first joins up with the river.  Just behind the YMCA, there is a bridge that looks like a popular fishing spot.  Today there were about half a dozen people with their lines in the water.  I rode to the other side of of the bridge to see what was there, but all I found was another field.  There was a gate that prevented me from entering the neighborhood to the north of the river.Birds by the river

Keep an eye on the river as you go by and you’re sure to see a lot of water fowl, and maybe even a gator or two.  There were no gators spotted on this trip, but I know they are there.   There are also a few footbridges to cross along the way (like the iron bridge at the top of this post), and a couple of spots where street bridges pass over the trail.

The whole trail offers a lot to see along the way and even though there were a lot of people enjoying a walk or ride, it was not at all crowded.  With the trailhead only about fifteen minutes from home, I think I’ll be spending more time at this spot.

More photos are available in my Rails to Trails gallery

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