Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hiking Bluff Trail to the Tunnel Cave

Tina on the trailWe had about an hour before the cave tour started, so Tina and I decided to look around the museum above the gift shop.  One of the exhibits that they had was one of those 3-D park models where you push a button for a landmark and a little light illuminates to show you where it is.  As it turned out, we were less than a quarter of a mile from the tunnel cave.  With an hour to kill, we knew exactly what we wanted to do.

The trail starts at the south west corner of the parking area by the gift shop / museum, and it doesn’t take much more than five or ten minutes to reach the cave.

Approaching tunnel cave-1

There are two options once you arrive – either go through, or go around.  We chose to go through.

Inside Tunnel Cave-1

There are probably bats hiding in the edges, but we didn’t see any.  It might have been fun if we had thought to bring a flashlight to look for some. 

Leaving tunnel cave

On the other side of the tunnel cave are a couple of small caves… they’re only a few feet deep though.

Small cave-1

The location of this cave is very easy to find; you can find the map as usual at the end of this post.

More Photos

Entering tunnel cave Inside Tunnel Cave-2 View through tunnel cave
Small cave-2 Small cave-4 Start of Bluff Trail
View of tunnel cave Small cave-3  

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