Saturday, May 10, 2014

Solar Eclipse August 21st, 2017

Here’s a trip to plan for in advance.  We’re thinking that Jackson Wyoming will be a good spot to view the eclipse in a few years… turn it into a two week vacation and there is time to visit Yosemite National Park, as well as explore Grand Tetons National Park.  Let’s start with the basics though.

The path where the full eclipse can be seen is available on the NASA website; the red line is the center of the path, and the blue lines show the area where it can be viewed.

If you notice, the center line passes almost directly over Jackson WY, so if everything works out right we’ll find ourselves in a beautiful part of the country to view something that won’t be seen again in the USA until 2024.

But what about the weather?  While there is no way to predict the weather in 3 1/2 years, there is a way to get an idea of what to expect…

A jump over to will show some great historical weather information for areas along the path of the eclipse.  This is a handy reference that can give a feel for what to expect for that time of year, and it also includes comparison data that can be used to pick a viewing spot.

Since the eclipse starts in this area at about 1600 UTC, which is 10am MDT.  So a check of the weather a couple of days ahead of time might mean a road trip either to the west or the east on the day before.  An easy (and scenic) five hour drive can cover 300 miles, so if local weather doesn’t cooperate it shouldn’t be too hard to find clear skies.

So mark your calendars, and if you think you’ll be in the same area drop a comment below and we’ll plan a meet-up!


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