Friday, April 04, 2014

Hiking Mills Creek Woodlands

We started at the trail head on Whispering Forest Trail and went north until we arrived at Brumley Rd.  Overall this was a little more than 5 miles.

Along the way, there is a campground with a fire ring and also a picnic spot with two picnic tables.  There are wooden bridges to go over a couple of creeks, as well as board walks to take you through marshy areas.

There are a lot of tortoise dens along the trail, but we didn't see any tortoises.  We did see one Cooter turtle though.  Tina found a skull from some critter that was about the size of a skunk.  There were a lot of Banana Spiders along the way but luckily they weren't laying in wait across the path.  Also saw a praying mantis doing its thing pretending to be a stick in the wind as it crawled up a tree.  I couldn't even see it until I was right on top of it. 

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