Sunday, April 06, 2014

Hiking Geneva Wilderness Area & the Econlockhatchee River

Today we headed out to the Lake Proctor Wilderness Area but it was closed for habitat revitalization or something like that. Instead we decided to look at the Geneva Wilderness Area -  It’s only a 2 mile loop, so we finished up pretty quick and decided to head over to the Barr Street trailhead and take another look at one of our favorite local hiking spots.

Today was an opportunity to give my new CamelBak a test run.  I’ve heard a lot about these backpacks; they have great reviews and a lifetime guarantee.  Since I’m tired of having a water bottle clipped to my belt, I figured that it was time to upgrade.

Make sure you click on the Trip Information link below each of the maps to see all of the photos.  We got some really nice pictures today.

Geneva Wilderness Area

The trail is a loop that ends (or starts - depending on which way you go) at a nature center and campground.  For such a short trip, there is a bunch of stuff to see.  There are informational plaques all along the way that describe the eco system, controlled burns, and more.  The outside chapel was a nice surprise - what a great place to hold a Sunday service. 
Trimble Outdoors - 483346

Econlockhatchee River

We've been here before, so I didn't photograph all of the landmarks.  I did capture some nice shots though.  We saw a couple of alligators on this trip - the one in the rear was pretty darn big.  It was a great day to be out today! 

Trimble Outdoors - 483469

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